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Mobile Legends │Best Starter Heroes – Beginners Guide Pt 4

In this beginners guide for Mobile Legends I talk about the different choices you have to buy for your first heroes in Mobile Legends, and how important it is to have a a variety. If you want to see more videos like this, leave a like and comment below.

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  1. Solbash - Paladins Strike | | Reply

    Which hero would you buy as your first if you started over?

  2. Ahmad Wisesa | | Reply

    I bought hilda for my first hero that I could buy with my battle points since I always win using her. Unfortunately I lost several times using hilda afterward. Any suggestion?

  3. GAMING HD | | Reply


  4. Ssc CHSL 2018 | | Reply

    bs video

  5. akaRawr | | Reply

    Layla is overpowered

  6. Mentolnormous | | Reply

    bruno is my best hero the one hero i sucked is johnson

  7. Oni | | Reply

    1.If YOU Wanna Choose Minotaur Make Sure You Have The Right Choice

    2.Use Chou If You Want To Have Beefy/Energetic Character =)

  8. Beatrice Ferco | | Reply

    Could you explain what role every type of hero has? For example, what should I concentrate on if I'm playing a tank? And how to choose my hero based on the team (figuring out what my team needs)

  9. Jose | | Reply

    What a sick intro!

  10. Lee Ng | | Reply

    i just started and it says its free. and i spend my battle points to buy dracula buy it didn't say its my own.

  11. Akhil Sharma | | Reply

    I just started playing and bought Saber.
    Is he a good fightera and do you suggest anyother hero???

  12. Marilou21 ybanez | | Reply

    Your vid. Helps me a lot ,at first i dont know anything about mobile legends but know your vid helped me hahahah❤

  13. carah peralta | | Reply

    can you jus go straight to the point?

  14. QuadHype | | Reply

    I just bought minotaur, 50 percent sale.Is it good? I'm keen on team attacks.

  15. Steven Pennington | | Reply

    Don't wanna sound rude here, but I learned diddly squat from this video.

  16. Tyler Kelly | | Reply

    OMG thanks. This game is so difficult to find noob guides for and i hate just blindly trying to figure it out.

  17. nico francisco | | Reply

    1.does this game have items or skills that grant vision? do you detect invisible units (church assasin)? lock on the best way to be aiming skills with?

  18. Cecile Bouchaud | | Reply


  19. Miguel Jardio | | Reply

    well i bought alice first and im a good alice player now

  20. lil bucci | | Reply

    I'm saving up for karina 🙂

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