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MINOTAUR Ultra Fast Speed Guide | #5 | Mobile Legends

After the long delay! I hope you enjoy this Mobile Legends Minotaur Ultra Fast Speed Guide!
Share it with your friends if they’re sad because they fail as Minotaur. That way, they’ll only be failing and not sad. 😀
After watching this video myself, I find it funny that I MILKED all the cow jokes I could find xD
Okay, I’ll shut up now @_@

If you find this video useful or at least mildly entertaining xD,
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  1. ShinmenTakezo YT | | Reply

    I added "funny" in the title because how will people know that this "might" be funny right? :)) fck i need sleep X_x

  2. Polaris Rose | | Reply

    but Alpha is a cyborg

  3. muhammad ridhuan | | Reply

    You funny just like Honest Trailer Guy :v

  4. Timmyz | | Reply

    Ok one of the best ML youtuber lol great i always have problem when using mino thanks

  5. Wyvern Hunter 468 | | Reply

    Whats the music at the end?

  6. Aditya Gurung | | Reply


  7. Roberto Montenegro | | Reply

    Holy shit those puns sucked lol

  8. Teguh Fernandes | | Reply

    Make more guide like this pls.. Shin senpai 🙂

  9. Takauchi Nishika | | Reply

    I used Minotaur as Fighter and MVP, 3 time

  10. LetsPlay Man | | Reply

    Please do one for lancelot

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