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LANCELOT | Ultra Fast Speed Guide #6 | Mobile Legends

You’re watching the wrong guide if you thought you’re gonna learn something here.

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  1. Yollie Onsky | | Reply

    hahahaha this is good

  2. Oben Cefiro | | Reply

    Soo hilarious. Nice n sub. 👍👍👍

  3. ProzSkilLz | | Reply


  4. Taha Adil | | Reply

    Dude he's videos r more funny then a guide

  5. Teguh Fernandes | | Reply

    I got savage using him on 1vs5 XD

  6. Polaris Rose | | Reply

    And this asshole is op

  7. Anubhav Saikia | | Reply

    He always makes us laugh so hard😂 Btw Shinmen the music at the end was so cool! Please tell the name of the track

  8. KZ Stark | | Reply

    FINALLY someone that thinks Lancelot isn't broken 🙂

  9. Hanami 0 -chan | | Reply

    Love the commentating

  10. SilVer Night99N | | Reply

    Most balance hero •~•/
    I quit ml because of this balance hero in the universe

  11. Rubik | | Reply

    ML even recommended me this

  12. RaziqTheAwesome | | Reply

    do UFSG on hylos

    eventho its sarcastic af, i actually understood lmao

  13. Arctica Gaming | | Reply

    Do ARGUS

  14. Brother Joke | | Reply

    Then i kill Yi Sun SHin and got Triple kill XD

  15. -I A- | | Reply

    finally "The Ultra Speed Guide" is out

  16. Devil Knight | | Reply

    ok i may be late…but thats for teaching me math

  17. X- HELIUS | | Reply

    im still not gonna stop about how you are darkkmane of mobile legends. Like holy sh*t, the jokes the pun the comedy the way you talk and also the thumbnail.

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