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Johnson New Map FULL Jungle Driving Routes! Mobile Legends Best Asian Driver!

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Mobile Legends Johnson Troll
Mobile Legends New Map
Mobile Legends Jonhson Driving test
Mobile Legends Johnson Guide
Mobile Legends Johnson Driving Trick
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  1. JP Garmay | | Reply

    It's a bit harder on the new map now

  2. Bintang Aja | | Reply

    Watch pedjuang gamersla

  3. Glenda Yap | | Reply

    That is soo easy/ez haaahaaa

  4. mary nelva dagpin ortiz | | Reply

    You so good considering I don't know how to make the car start moving in ult I jut cluck the ult and it doesn't move haalp me plsss :,(

  5. panda boy | | Reply

    Best asian server your mother pass away lah small dick motherfucker

  6. bagus dei | | Reply

    minta gift skin johnson dong..

  7. Game boy | | Reply

    fck in last bonus hahahhahahah so funny

  8. Elizar Rebacca | | Reply

    That Into tho

  9. Easy TH | | Reply

    wow pro player

  10. The there | | Reply

    lmao dave your skills at drawing lines sucks xD

  11. Vanilla Ice Cream | | Reply


  12. Jericho Canoy | | Reply

    u can drive with johnson in all around map with jungle without struggle
    answer:use vexana firts skill in johnson car mode
    sorry for my bad English peace 😅😅✌✌

  13. Angel Bhert Peñaflor | | Reply

    Id: 52577327
    Ign: ExtraGravy

    Miya or cyclops skin

  14. Kim Lord Balboa | | Reply

    ID: 14586217 (3020)
    IGN: Kawaii Potato
    Skin: Aurora Skin

  15. gῖͷ_sαͷ - ML and AOV | | Reply

    The latest map was designed for Johnson after all. Jk😉😉

  16. Jaz Kiddin | | Reply

    so is this the video u are making when u realize the bush glitch ?

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