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How To Play Ruby in ONE MINUTE – Mobile Legends Ruby Guide

Learn how to play Ruby in ONE MINUTE! Mobile Legends Ruby Guide.
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  1. TJ SmackDown 332 | | Reply

    i use physical emblem on her

  2. Flaire winner | | Reply

    love ruby

  3. Shinya Kurai | | Reply

    She just like…. RUBY ROSE FROM RWBY ! RWBY IS A SERIES MADE BY Monty Oum ! Check it out and you know LOL !

  4. TheSchmuck2 | | Reply

    can you update for the changed item names and icons?

  5. • Jerei • | | Reply

    Subbed. I was planning on buying Ruby, I just need to save about 1500+ battlepoints.

  6. Otaku Music | | Reply

    i think ruby`s gameplay when game just start is be a initiator fighter , than in min 4++/mid game it switched to semi tank, and when it has min 15++ it switch to tanker, so our chance for kill is open when game just begin . Nice Trick

  7. Arjk R Janitra | | Reply

    Why you dont use bloodlust axe?

  8. Xander | | Reply

    Request for lina's ruby gameplay

  9. Deez | | Reply


  10. BadassBoy | | Reply

    Thanks dude i just got ruby today and someone gave me her skin

  11. Sara Araa | | Reply

    hi dave >< will you do Miya's guide? 😛

  12. Ali Nasiri | | Reply

    The grand courtier in the thumbnail 👍

  13. Capix Falken | | Reply

    Take my sub dave. U make it look ez haha. but i like to play more aggressive hero like chou, saber. Make one for them ok. Cheers

  14. BES | | Reply

    I love this 1 min guide good job ❤️

  15. Ziyan Huang | | Reply

    yooo good job dave. Loved the new 1 min series. save so much time comparing to the old style.

  16. Ύίɴ ΎλɴĢ | | Reply

    I found this build better.

    tooth of greed
    magic shoes
    bloodlust axe
    Dom ice
    blood thirsty king

    have a decent armor,magic resistance,and hp. you get Mana,and faster cool down reduction with this build. use flicker. and tank emblem for the magic resistance,and cool down reduction.

  17. Bumet Yanuba | | Reply

    next freya

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