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How to Play Lapu Lapu | Tips And Tricks | Advance Guide – Mobile Legends

Don’t have data to watch? Watch the Lapu Lapu In a Minute Guide:

“Kill All At One” Saber CINEMATIC MONTAGE:

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Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu
Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Guide
Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Build
Mobile Legends How to Play Lapu Lapu
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  1. Jhamz | | Reply

    Advance Guide is a sub series for how to play which delivers better and more information than the usual how to play!

  2. clever588 | | Reply


  3. EviL Genius | | Reply

    Nice tips

  4. Kaime HD | | Reply

    Is lapulapu fun to use?

  5. Ard Lazaro | | Reply

    Nice tip but no offense try not to eat your words. Kinda hard to understand you. Lot's of "Rrrr" but great video. 👍

  6. Yi Sunshin | | Reply

    Any build for him?
    Can you make a build Video?

  7. Kenny McCormick Aka PM | | Reply

    Just got an ad from mobile legends

  8. Yvez Mathrim Matocinos | | Reply

    Tried Lapu-Lapu with a custom build of my own. Had my 2nd Ranked game playing as him. I am still shocked about the fact I survived being decimated by a balanced team 1v5, whilst stealing the Lord, AND getting a Triple before my team rescues me. Lapu lapu is so underrated. He doesn't need a Nerf, I found him a bit tricky to control. He is well balanced and such, all you need is patience, timing and skill.

  9. Jeproks Probiotics | | Reply

    …Wow..Idol your still my besr guider in mobile legends….

  10. KnoXout 1617 | | Reply

    alpha or lapu lapu jhamz?

  11. Damionize | | Reply

    For the passive extra damage, it activates after 5 bars or when you see five bars? How many seconds does this last?

  12. Jorge Gonzalez | | Reply

    Nice video!
    but you say "freaking" like 50 times. Once I noticed, I couldn't stop hearing it, and it got annoying

  13. Arsenik Azrel | | Reply

    im using assasin lapu2 if there's a tank in my team but i use tank lapu2 if theres no tank, btw im global rank 29 lapu2 pendragon

  14. DJ_HAX YT | | Reply

    should i use tank emblem?

  15. DJ_HAX YT | | Reply

    i just bought him he is very good at killing marksmen

  16. mobile legends MVP | | Reply

    Nobody solo

  17. Donzing Diono | | Reply

    fafs pag nag marksman ka nagamit ka ng wind chaser? prang wala akong nakikitang gumagamit xe..

  18. Refused GT | | Reply

    bakit ganun masayadong madaling mapatay parang miya kaso mahina lifesteal

  19. Hayabusa Shadow kill ML | | Reply

    This is a so much better than you're 1 minute guide hahaha

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