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How To Play Karina in ONE MINUTE – Mobile Legends Karina Guide

Learn how to play Karina in ONE MINUTE. Mobile Legends.

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  1. Jake rainicorn | | Reply

    What's Karina's skill rotation?

  2. BcRc GT | | Reply

    What is your full build?

  3. Pablo Martin | | Reply

    "Karina is a melee assassin" hmmm… did you ever seen a distance assassin ? O.o

  4. Samuel Tan | | Reply

    thanks for the build and tips bro,got penta on the second game 🙂

  5. RaiZer 23 | | Reply

    Is normal magic emblem good on Karina cause I don't have magic assassin

  6. Goh Finian | | Reply

    assassin dave please go to the mobile legends creators group and tell them to cancel the karina nerfpleaseshe is my main……

  7. nana bla bla | | Reply

    the nerf is happening on karina.

    they fcking remove the cooldown on her ult everytime she kill an enemy

    like, wtf? they should gave us a bp because now, karina doesn't deserve to cost 32k bp like, shes like saber now, but mage.

    im gonna quit ml after the next patach

  8. kate yt | | Reply

    Dave Karina is getting nerfed 🙁 ik how to use Karina like a boss but she's getting nerfed the ult will not be able to reuse after u killed some one R.I.P KARINA IM QUITING (when reality hits u)

  9. Adrian Elcladdy | | Reply


  10. Arnel Robles | | Reply

    karina will going to got nerf RIP karina my main😵

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