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How To Play Hilda in ONE MINUTE – Mobile Legends Hilda Guide

Learn How to play Hilda in One Minute! Mobile Legends Hilda Guide

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  1. Eco/BoltZ GT | | Reply

    Holiday and alucard is a great charger and chaser bc they swoop to the and Haida decrease speed

  2. Burakku Ribon | | Reply

    love her so much 😍

  3. Kenge Lee | | Reply

    I also think hilda is great at harassing the enemy adc during team fights

  4. Deez | | Reply


  5. nancy steve-o | | Reply

    hilda is a badass but i dont have her 😂

  6. Aniket Dandekar | | Reply

    Nice 🙂

  7. Noble Six | | Reply

    nice tutorial Ass_Dave.That build is almost the same with the one that I use XD

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