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How To Play Chou in ONE MINUTE – Mobile Legends Chou Guide

Learn how to play Chou in ONE MINUTE.

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Mobile Legends Chou one minute guide,
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  1. Shawnkenzo Villarin | | Reply

    Wow thanks when i watched this i got 12-0-33 thanks

  2. Zion Losito | | Reply

    nice intro

  3. Krisna Pratama | | Reply

    invite me pls ranked Noobz890

  4. PTG Kwebellkop | | Reply

    well.. Chou is my favorite hero.. but now lot of player been more carefully when they see Chou.. that make harder

  5. Brian Keh | | Reply

    Lol u still have much more things to learn about Chou.

  6. emu meow | | Reply

    chou guide in 1 min, the vid is 2 min ahaha

  7. Eiz YT | | Reply

    strong chou💪

  8. ElFenomeno92 | | Reply

    this is not helpful bro

  9. Fadhlan Ferdian | | Reply

    3,8 views and 38 coments and no dislike wow

  10. Ethan Ninja Hunt | | Reply

    Want old chou passive back

  11. Puger Talajara | | Reply

    if you all searching for the build check this time 0:50

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