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How To Play Balmond in ONE MINUTE – Mobile Legends Balmond Guide

Learn How to play Balmond in One Minute! Mobile Legends Balmond Guide
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  1. Robert Cheah | | Reply

    Hey Dave, i would like to know, If Balmond get Deadly Blade, does it works with his 2nd Skill whenever he spin on enemies? (in a situation where opposite team has estes). Kindly let me know. Best appreciate thanks.

  2. MMM yassin | | Reply

    this balmond has fel magic bro so bad he works for good in mobile legends lol

  3. Hargie Curato | | Reply

    This is a two minutes video Dave 😀

  4. Uriel Ansley Amistad | | Reply

    Can you also do a guide on AD Balmond pls?

  5. Uriel Ansley Amistad | | Reply

    Rapid Boots?? Really?? If you want a full tank then use warrior boots ffs.

  6. Dirk Barth | | Reply

    Is readily available listed here UnlimitedDiamonds at zero cost it truly is harmless together with is most effective

  7. Ryan Hayashi | | Reply

    how about Lolita?

  8. Wilson Chen | | Reply

    immortal should be the last on the build? or it depends on condition?

  9. nancy steve-o | | Reply

    naked guy yeahh 😂

  10. HOKAGE NG PINAS | | Reply

    passive of blood thirsty king and balmond passive is the combo

  11. Dani Metal | | Reply

    lol naked guy

  12. BlackBlank Derpy | | Reply

    one minute guide for: moskov, freya, karina plox 😀

  13. weezy 1 | | Reply


  14. Broken Tuber | | Reply

    Baldmond is my main and I have 101 games with 76% win rate is that good??

  15. Tyler Kelly | | Reply

    I did not know you could cancel the spin yourself.

  16. Shadow of the Wolf | | Reply

    1v1 hayabusa me

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