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How To Play Alpha in ONE MINUTE – Mobile Legends Alpha Guide

Learn how to play Alpha in ONE MINUTE. Mobile Legends.

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  1. Hayolo Wakakak | | Reply

    create a new alpha tips video for the current meta pleaseee bcs he's been buffed again right

  2. Aldo Lase | | Reply

    Mobile Legends, why you never make Alpha as "Alpha" and why he is not worth 32k BP?

  3. Luce | | Reply

    I play Alpha as a Tank-Jungler now because he can gank really good. Also play him with the jungle item Beast Killer because of the effect when you have retribution: You can slow the movementspeed of an enemy 70% and steal him some attack and magic power.

  4. Cici Chen | | Reply

    Love ur 1 minute guide series Dave!

  5. MrDarkmatterX | | Reply

    I don't think alpha is good if you don't have a pre made team tbh. You need reliable allies to back you up after you dive in to kill them. Usually when I solo, everybody is too scared to atack.

  6. daneus | | Reply

    I always go with jungler emblem..but I like the tank build will try it out

  7. Adrian Elcladdy | | Reply


  8. Your Senpai | | Reply

    my fighter emblem is still lvl17, is it still better than physical which is lvl34

  9. Emmanuel Fulgencio | | Reply

    Dave can you please do a Moskov guide? I EnJoy all of your guides especially the Clint one 🙂 Make one for Moskov please 😀

  10. christie davidson | | Reply

    being an alpha player this is good advise 😁

  11. Fanny Licous | | Reply


  12. Fanny Licous | | Reply


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