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Hayabusa Blabber Guide | Mobile Legends

Quick random guide for Hayabusa play in Mythic Rank.
Super not prepared so watch at your own risk and don’t judge! :((
You should probably know the basic mechanics to Hayabusa for this guide to be useful.

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  1. Hashiro | | Reply


  2. Sanjiv Saravanan | | Reply

    Do an updated guide on freya

  3. M.Hifzhan Nawwaf F. | | Reply


  4. Qime Rottingham | | Reply

    Seriously one of the most useful guide for me, just started learning this hero n loving it

  5. Andrew Wong | | Reply

    I like this guide. all casual and whatever lol

  6. kim tm | | Reply

    the way hayabusa runs in more annoying then himself

  7. Gaming DONN | | Reply

    Soon one day this dude will collaborate with my channel, you are awasome man

  8. LoL 768 | | Reply

    Why u no tell emblem

  9. RV gaming- Mobile Legends | | Reply


  10. Seneca Montez de Oca | | Reply

    Literally the best YouTube channel for Mobile Legends out there wtf!

  11. Radz Radz | | Reply

    Wow nice

  12. Refy Rina | | Reply

    Please guide for ruby shinmen XD

    Great video

  13. Brixx Xireneg | | Reply

    Oi you have a Philippines flag bro..

  14. Mobile Legends Unıversal | | Reply

    Hi guys

  15. Yon Azure | | Reply

    Good content

  16. ako si zi | | Reply

    Snaaapp! Just like that. 👌

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