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Halo Wars 2 : Hero Sergeant Johnson & Hellbringers Bunker Opener – How to Build Guide

Halo Wars 2 Gameplay, a Hellbringer and Johnson duo! With this strategy, your main focus is to pressure the enemy team with Hellbringers while johnson helps heal your army with his unique skill. As with the help of several of johnson’s leader skill, he is able to drop a bunker where your units can climb in and fire at the enemy.Thank you, everyone, for all the support! Will be making more videos every week, stay tuned.

( I tried all of these strategies on real Players before I do them. I just use the AI as a template so I can show the steps individually.)

Marines (x2)
Supply Pad
Leader Skill: Restoration Drones
Scout for Supplies, Scatter Marines (Very Crucial)
Supply Pad
Wait for 450 to buy Johnson (1:30ish)
Build Hellbringers, pump them out
Start Controlling the Map, take power nodes
Wait for Leader Skill: Bunker
Make sure as you pump Hellbringers, You have enough supplies for Bunker 400
Put Marines in the garrison, not Flamers!
Use Johnson’s heal ability to your advantage


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  1. wsir - Destiny & Halo Videos | | Reply

    I hope you guys enjoy the video ^_^. Drop a Like if you Enjoyed and Subscribe for more! Peace, Late. Also Follow my Twitter

  2. Jake Brown | | Reply

    Anyone know why Johnsons bunkers go invisible most of the time

  3. The Celestial Network | | Reply

    Were they both trying to tech up? Lol that's never a good idea in 2v2s. One of them should have an army to defend the teammate that's teching up.

  4. SleepySoul | | Reply

    I see alot of Johnson and Colony used as heroes. Are Spartans worth buying?

  5. Josh Baldwin | | Reply


  6. David Glaspie | | Reply

    your better off selling the armory for something else since you dont need it anymore

  7. David Glaspie | | Reply

    IMPORTANT TIP : you can recycle bunkers

  8. RyMetalGod21 | | Reply

    quite a nice strategy man! Just tried it and I won 🙂

  9. xXBRAU007Xx | | Reply

    nice video wisir, its op that the bunker can be droped near the bases

  10. Spartan Jess - The Halo Airsofting Spartan | | Reply

    bro I feel like you and btc could take on the other halo wars 2 youtubers if there is a tournament between you guys lol

  11. Jeremy Carter | | Reply

    While this is intriguing and all, it was against the AI, and a terrible opponent that had NO army at 4 minutes. Even if you're teching, you should have 6-8 marine squads and a couple turrets up by 4 minutes. No excuses for him! He deserved to get beat by ANYTHING, not just this strat.
    Somebody tried this on me (Colony) yesterday and got rofl-stomped by some skitts and engineers. Choppers would beat it too. IMO, it's a very high risk strat with low probablity of actually working. You tell me though. Are you having high success rates with it against respectable opposition?

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