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EPIC Trailer For The NEW HERO! Mobile Legends

EPIC Trailer For The NEW HERO! Mobile Legends. So here we are getting a new amazing trailer for the new upcoming hero zhask! Can’t wait to play him on the original server!

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Previous video (I hate this in mlbb!):

In This Video:
Mobile Legends Trailer
Mobile Legends New hero zhask
Mobile Legends reacting/reaction

Music: NCS

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  1. JLouie DB.08 | | Reply

    ID: 31816930
    IGN: AzuraxDeath
    Skin: Hayabusa Space Time Shadow
    (Subscribed and Liked)

  2. Thuggy dUck | | Reply

    Skin:zilong dragon knight

  3. Bien The Vloger | | Reply

    IGN:The King 🙂
    SKIN: Yin-Sun-Shin Major General

  4. Surojit Roy | | Reply

    ID – 99813027(0058)
    IGN – Surojit554
    Skin – Green Flash.

  5. Chrys Niño | | Reply


  6. casal perigo | | Reply

    IGN: Razzia
    (Subscribed and liked)

  7. leon cabasal | | Reply

    Skin:Masked Night(Lancelot)
    Subscribed & LIked 😀

  8. Avi paul | | Reply

    No one is save? Safe? 😅

  9. Avi paul | | Reply

    Skin: Cyclops – Exorcist

  10. Benjie Zingapan | | Reply

    IGN: benjiezingapan
    ID: 59278607(3214)
    SKIN: Harley (Naughty Joker)
    Liked and Subscribed

  11. DB1134 YT | | Reply

    Dont cut it and make it go in the other side..right side

  12. K KONG SPIRIT | | Reply

    Noone is SAFE*

  13. Akit Yong | | Reply

    roger skin dark gent this video is best my name ml is thebadsanta

  14. Siti Fatimah Suda | | Reply


  15. Chauncie Favis | | Reply

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  16. Harold Daraba | | Reply

    lgn:Sittie haya

    -Argus (light of dawn)

  17. Charles vincent Cuevas | | Reply

    IGN:Charles Cuevas
    SKIN:rising star
    This is my ten times I comment this so plssss pick me thank you

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