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BEST ASIAN DRIVER?! Mobile Legends Johnson 7/0/19 Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay with Commentary

Does not matter how careful you are on the road, you will never know when you will get hit by a “Monster Truck”! Enjoy watching Johnson Mad Driving Skills in this Glorious Legend Ranked Gameplay with Live Commentary. Mobile Legends.

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  1. Jordan Yehezkiel | | Reply

    Yo dave! 1v1 me johnson race track!

  2. Jake Flame | | Reply

    A mobile legends ad on a mobile legends vid.. How Noice

  3. Alex Chan | | Reply


  4. Paok Paok | | Reply

    ass dave can u sent me a skin please? im your biggest fan

  5. FrUking Doitsu | | Reply

    if I could send u my video driving johnson

  6. DeadEnder Lol | | Reply

    my friend just buy 3 items.and get penta???!!!.wtf lol😂😂

  7. DeadEnder Lol | | Reply

    not friend get 12 kills use johnson.hahahahahahah noob.12/0/19

  8. H. Yi Kun | | Reply

    hilarious dave, very f hilarious… lol

  9. TheRadzman | | Reply


  10. Li Zah | | Reply

    When johnson ulti and u accidentally got a ride 😂 all the way to enemy's base

  11. SENIOR PINK | | Reply

    mr. D4Ve can I add you to be my friend in the game?😅

  12. Doni Pasaribu | | Reply

    you must change your name with real car name…like police patrol…or bugatti …ferrari….lamborgini it will be funny

  13. Eurika Fritz Bulicatin | | Reply

    aye? can i add you in ML. Just wanna play with you please

  14. KVXD GT | | Reply

    well watching this again bcs i remembered Tommy :/

  15. Liqud Team | | Reply

    Maybe a fast & furious producer will be offering you a movie on fast furious 9 😂@Ass_Dave ML

  16. von koenigsegg | | Reply

    haha i love johnson…

  17. Parji Yanto | | Reply

    hey dave , im very excited to watch all your video almost are clean play , keep up to stream 🙌

  18. L_ Pete | | Reply

    dude u so freakin awesome

  19. Lorcan Hughes | | Reply

    13:54 Look at Sun in the base

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