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Read below for more information and time stamps! Learn how to dominate the jungle with the best Alpha guide for Vainglory! My Alpha guide will help you understand and improve your play with this hero!

Check out Itachi19 Vg’s channel below – he was a great help!

(00:51) – Alpha’s Abilities
(03:45) – Crystal Power guide
(09:05) – Weapon Power guide
(10:25) – Tips and Tricks
(15:32) – Hero match-ups

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  1. Pix | | Reply

    I just got alpha's broken doll skin from the % off deal

  2. Leroy Leong | | Reply

    11:45 gonna land the damge on the EZREAl AHAHAHAHA

  3. Umayer Taseen | | Reply

    Lmao I got a lol ad before this

  4. Jiminniepabo | | Reply

    When does a stormcrown come in? I've seen players rushing stormcrown and then 2 other cp items for Alpha.

  5. Keane Tiay | | Reply


  6. Victor H III | | Reply

    Complicated shit

  7. chin chin | | Reply

    The intro is giving me the chills…goddamn

  8. Kyoru | | Reply

    maybe can u update new guide for all heroes?? cause somethings are outdate already

  9. Duka Oliveira | | Reply

    I made the maths, maxing B is more worthy than A. If you want the numbers, i can give to u. But i relied the aftershock damage, who's even more favorable to max B. :p Unless they have full squishy comp and u want A+shatterglass.

  10. Peyton Stallings | | Reply

    Awesome video, very helpful

  11. Joshua Khoo | | Reply

    this was definitely scripted by a friend-. – his ability point upgrades during the games were totally different than than what he says in the vid. -.

  12. Nova 72 | | Reply

    But cool video

  13. Nova 72 | | Reply

    I disagree

  14. Eric Payne | | Reply

    im still new to the game and so far have been really comfortable in the lane. I don't know how,I feel about captain but I have been wanting to learn jungle l, just in case. alpha has been a thought. anyone have an advice or thoughts they can throw,my way. thanks

  15. Egob | | Reply

    i did not know that clockwork can improve rebooting, thank you

  16. The Holy Mackrel | | Reply

    11:50 ezreal? You play league?

  17. The Holy Mackrel | | Reply

    Idris guide!

  18. My name is ________________________ Go kys | | Reply

    You can use echo after the explosion to charge up your energy instantly

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