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BANE Beginner’s Guide – All You Need To Know! – Injustice 2

A quick Beginner’s Guide that tells you all you need to know and doesn’t waste your time! Bane is a Powerful Rushdown Character with Grapples Galore & Damaging Combos! This tutorial will cover every special move, their meter burns, the most useful attack strings, Super, and some basic Bread & Butter combos (mid-screen and corner)!
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Xbox One
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B (character trait)

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = X
4 = Circle (character trait)

f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
qcf / qcb = quarter circle forward/back
hcf / hcb = half circle forward/back
MB = Meter Burn (Enhanced)
NJ = Neutral Jump
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  1. Alex Hathway | | Reply

    Fuck me have you got enough ads on this video?

  2. Some Guy | | Reply

    1:25 that's b+2, 3 not 1, 2

  3. It's Riot | | Reply

    Can you do the joker

  4. Afrodan | | Reply

    Thanks man helped me out alot

  5. Mental Carmine | | Reply

    Sad I dont have this game oh well omy to the arcade

  6. Zetaray | | Reply

    Whats chip damage? – Bane Injustice 2

  7. Necreon021 | | Reply

    Holy crap your video helped me so much by describing command grabs as QCB,F3. I always tried D,BF3 and it's was really difficult. I know it's the same thing on paper but when you try it it feels very different!

  8. ironphan24 | | Reply

    Has he been updated? I cant seem to be able to end some of these and I was wondering if it was just ne

  9. Jason Louie | | Reply

    When you do the d1 or the d2 into the bane bomb, do you just input the bane bomb into a separate command or with the d1? For example, d1 bf 3, or d1 dbf3? I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense.

  10. Eyekan Notspel | | Reply

    I'm still kinda confused banes trait could someone please explain it to me more

  11. sammusketeer | | Reply

    Very helpful

  12. NiNE | | Reply

    Do you even venom bruh?

  13. Super Lazerman | | Reply

    As a bane main, use lvl 3 venom to either close out matches or if you want to out armor a super attack with bane bomb. In addition, I usually stick with lvl 2 venom most of the time but that is only because I have gotten really good at reading people so I know when I pull of the most damage.

    There are 3 huge hurtles to get over as a bane player

    1. Dealing with zoners- this can be said for anyone who hasn't religously praticed against them, but bane is a must, he has 0 ranged options and needs to close the gap, so knowing when to meter roll or dash in with armor is key to closing the gap and making them scared ( As most people who spam zone will start button mashing in a panic.)

    2. Venom management- Bane's Venom makes him bane, and this is true in game. While bane does fair damage in his own right and his combos can hurt. Venom allows you to ramp that up to 11, this is his make up for no range options.

    Lvl- Safest and the most used, it allows you to soak up about 10% of the damage you take and deal 15% more damage with attacks, gives you 1 armor on most specials so is good against single projectile enemies or slower targets. In addition has the least cooldown and debuff time of about 3 seconds.

    Lv2- Used to close out first round or used if you know your about to connect a heavy combo, this is great lvl for punishing opponents as they will be open to 20% increased damage, and damage reduction and now 2 armor constantly on most specials meaning they are in for a shit show, as an increased debuff time though of 5 seconds so care about using it raw

    Lv3- Basically to make their jaw drop to end a match or if you really need to close the gap on a multi hitter zone attack, gives you about 4 armor constantly, 35% increased damage, 25% damage reduction, in addition you can break armor, meaning you can actually command grab someone out of a super which is a huge demoralizer as they just wasted all 4 bars for nothing.

    3. Corner game- Bane can abuse the corner almost better then anyone else in the game, with venom, high damage combos and armor the more venom in him, Bane can become the….BANE of anyone locked in a corner with a venom lvl 2 Bane with 2 meters to burn. What's worst is that while in the corner, his good combo strings become Godly and you can ensure without some meter investment or a good teleport and counter, you lost that bar if bane gets you in a corner at 3/4 health if he is good.

  14. Kevin R. | | Reply

    Make a Batman and Superman video PLLLZZZ

  15. Enigma Kitty | | Reply

    Question, how do the b3 mb after the 112d? I never am able to get that to work on purpose

  16. Jordan leyno | | Reply

    How do you the drop kick part right in 112>d-b,3MB-j+2-1,2,3-gbc+1

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