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Best Saber tutorial in Mobile Legends. You will 100% become a much better Saber player after watching this tutorial video. This video will guide you step by step how to play Saber like the best Sabers players out there. Now with INDO subtitle.
Play. Kill. Fun.
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Track: Paul Flint – Savage [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Special thanks to IceFire for the Intro and Outro graphics~
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  1. Betosky Gaming | | Reply

    Hey guys, I hope my tutorials are helping you improve your overall gameplay with the different heroes. Share these tutorials with your friends, they can have a better idea how to play each hero. Let's Play, Kill, and have Fun~!

  2. Jimmy Handoko | | Reply

    great, I enjoy the whole video and your explanation.

    btw, great backsound 👌🙌

  3. Darel Gaming | | Reply


  4. Aili Ortega | | Reply

    Bro your bgm is so lit i remember parasyte😭😭😭

  5. akbar harianto | | Reply

    Its blue buff or purple buff?

  6. Kpop 101 | | Reply

    Me: yup yup mhm….
    Me:Holy Shit is the Bgm Tokyo Ghoul? 6:45

  7. tomi dwiputra | | Reply

    Cool sub indo

  8. Pewds Pewds | | Reply

    dat tokyo ghoul opening

  9. Macuser 2120 | | Reply

    990 matches 1551 mvp lol

  10. Its Me DaZeD | | Reply

    Im not Saber user but when i try this i think im a Pro Saber User Now 😁😁

  11. CHZZY | | Reply

    to get such winrate, u need to be lucky to had a good team tho. do u play solo?..even u had that kind of doing if u have a noob team u will never ever win a game.

  12. B8N | | Reply


  13. xbloo oolbx | | Reply

    thanks to your cyclops guide, i mostly get mvps and have finally ranked up even with bad teammates!! 🙌

  14. xbloo oolbx | | Reply

    your guides are really amazing! thank u!

  15. Ardi Gaming | | Reply

    Nice tutorial 👍👍👍👍

  16. BLACK ANGEL | | Reply

    where gear saber in ending video?

  17. Bani Ilham | | Reply

    Thank you bro for indonesian sub and also i recommend stun spell and deadly blade,stun spell is very importan if enemy hp is too much and you can't kill them in 2-3 second

  18. Hungry Shark World Game | | Reply

    I Love Saber

  19. YangTOT GT | | Reply

    name backsound song?

  20. YangTOT GT | | Reply

    Do you watch tokyo ghoul?!

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